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The most dangerous fruits in the world

Fruits give the body essential nutrients and it is usually recommended by health professionals. Everybody eats fruits for their fibre and nutrients the give to the body.

However, some fruits are poisonous and their consumption could have deadly side effects on the body and it's immune system. Below are a few of such fruits.

1. Apricot kernels or seeds

Apricot is one of the tasty and delicious fruits available. The apricot seed looks like an almond embedded in the pit of the apricot. Over the years, people have used the seeds as a form of cure for cancer as it contains a high amount of vitamin B17 which can boost the immune system. However, the apricot seed contains a high content of Amygdalin, which the body converts to toxic cyanide when consumed. This can lead to nervousness, insomnia, low blood pressure and ultimately death.

2. Yellow star fruit

The yellow star fruit is low in calories and high in fibre whilst loaded with vitamin C. The skin is also edible and it has a sweet-sour taste.

Consumption of a small amount of the yellow star fruit can be deadly for persons with weak kidneys. The fruit produces the neurotoxin which causes a negative reaction to the brain and nerves. This can lead to kidney damage, hiccups, weakness, vomiting and even death.

3. Ackee

Ackee is predominantly common in Jamaica and West Africa. It is however one of the most riskiest fruits on this planet. When eaten in its unripened state or improperly ingested, it can cause vomiting sickness or even lead to coma or death. It is very toxic when unripened. Only eat ackee fruit when the protective covering opens naturally and turns red.

4. Elderberries

This fruit is used to make some tasty jams, jelly teas and some wines. It also contains some poisonous elements that are very toxic to the body, and these positions are located in their small seeds. This position, called glycoside can cause a build up of cyanide in the body to cause diarrhoea, vomiting and coma or even death.

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