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Make Your Own 'VITA MILK' at Home With These Easy Steps

Soy milk is a very nutritious non-dairy product. It is a plant based product made from soya beans. It is very rich in proteins, amino acids, omega 3-fats and a balanced carbohydrate. Soy milk also have low rates of sugar which cannot be said of cow milk. There are also people who have allergies to lactose which is normally found in cow milk. Such people always experience stomach disorders and gastrointestinal problems. Such people can depend on soy milk. 

Soy milk can easily be prepared at home without any additives and preservatives unlike those sold at various shops. Soy milk provides the following health benefits:

•   Reduces cholesterol levels due to its low content of calories and this as a result improves heart health

•   Increases brain health due to its rich content in omega-3 fats

•   Low rate of menopausal symptoms due to the potent contents of phytoestrogens in soybeans. 

How to Prepare Soy Milk at Home

1.   Wash and soak soybeans for 5 to 6 hours in water. You can also soak it overnight. Beans will automatically increase in size

2.   Wash the beans thoroughly until the water becomes clear.

3.   Blend the soybeans with enough water.

4.   Use a clean napkin or small sized strainer to strain and squeeze the milk out.

5.   Repeat straining for the second time. 

6.   Bring the milk to heat and boil for at least 1 hour 45 minutes. Keep stirring while on fire to prevent milk from falling out from the pan.

7.   Add a little bit of salt to milk on fire

8.   More water can be added while cooking depending on how heavy or light you want it to be.

9.   After cooking milk, add sugar and some flavour essence according to your choice.

10.   Allow to cool and refrigerate to enjoy.

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