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I allowed him to taste my sweet potato the first time I met him and he is nowhere to be found.

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Life in this generation is very surprisingly.Looking at the inscribe and the circumscribe manner of how the world is turning into will clearly give a definition that this world is very surprisingly.A lady by the name Miss.Gee shares her experience to the public with regards to her life.Humans on this earth are doing all source of act for survival.God has given us the opportunity to do whatever we like but some people are using it to behave contrary to the norms and ethics of the scriptures.According to Miss.Gee she has stayed in Ghana for almost ten years. She is not a native of this country.She purposely came here for education.Miss Gee is completed University of Ghana who offered sociology as her first degree.Please follow this article,as I showcase the images of Miss Gee.Her images are shown below

After her University education,she saw a certain man by the name Mr.Ansong.This man proposed to her in favour of marriage.The man did all that he could just to help her in life by making life become very soft for her.This kind of attitude the man exhibited paved way for her to allowed the man to taste her sweet potato.After tasting her sweet potato,the man is nowhere to be found.This lady has tried his number several times but no one is picking his call.This is how the world is.Let us work to earn a living.We should always becareful in life in order to desist ourselves from some act.Work to earn a better living,other than allowing men to taste your sweet potato.Please send your comments coming,like and share this article

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