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Do you want to know how dawadawa is made?

Do you want to know how dawadawa is been made? A fermented soy beans or locust beans cake.  However, a lot of people wonder what is been used to prepare dawadawa, that dark smelly thing. Dawadawa is a vegetable protein food made with locust beans. Below is the process involved in the preparation.

1. A healthy soy/locust beans are been soaked in water to make it soft before it is put to boil. It is therefore boil to make to it very soft. 

2. Bring it down from the fire, strain the water and cool.

3. Put the boiled beans in a nice sack and ferment for 3 or 4 days. During the fermentation period the beans will change in color.

4. It is therefore pound to make it soft to be able to mold in a desire sizes before it is been dried or others choose to dry it without pounding. And there you go, your dawadawa is ready. 

Dawadawa is an ingredient used in the preparation of meals. It is said to be originated from the northern part of the country. For the northerners, dawadawa gives food a sweet aroma whilst most people in the southern part think it smells bad and doesn't add any flavor to food. Some people also think that dawadawa is used in substitute of meat or fish due to poverty, but that was then. 

For some years now people have come to realization that dawadawa doesn't only smell bad, but it also has some nutritional value. In one of the President's Covid-19 nation's address he made mention of the benefits of dawadawa and so people should consume it more. It is said to be an immune booster and also a high level of vegetable protein. 

It can be used to prepare different kinds of food with a sweet taste and mouth watering aroma.

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