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Opinion: Find Out How Milk Affects The Size Of Your Breasts. Scientific evidence.

Every young girl understands the importance of having a perfect sized bra, and many believe that an oversize is just the best, depends on how comfortable you are in own skin. But no matter the size of your bra, you should always love what you were given, as many young ladies now prefer to undergo procedures in other to get a bigger bra size. But that may not be necessary anymore, as there are so many ways you can actually make them look bigger.

A common story which many believe in is the use of diary milk or sometimes enough beans. But milk seems to be more popular considering the fact milk contains estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin, and since hormones affects the size of breasts, it is then noted that milk increases Breasts size.

According to experts from "Healthline", THIS INFORMATION IS FALSE!! Milk does not affect the size of your breasts, as a matter of fact there is no diet known to affect the size of breasts. The only thing that is advised by experts is a change of bra, change of posture and exercises that focuses on chest pump, example is push-ups.

According to a 2019 study(Trusted Source) dairy milk may affect breast cancer risk. Basically because most dairy cows are pregnant, so their milk contains higher amounts of hormones.

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