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Here's How To Fry Fish Without It Sticking To The Pan

Frying fish is one of the many foods many struggle to prepare. It can be tricky when determining if it's ready or not. It might look well fried, them boom when you remove it, it might have some undercooked part.

Another challenge a lot more people face is the problem of being able to fry the fish the fishing without it sticking to pan.

It's heartbreaking when your fish comes out of the oil with pot holes in it. It doesn't just make the fish unattractive but it makes washing the pan more difficult.

There are two simple ways of solving the problem with frying and sticking.

Concerning the frying, please make sure the oil is well heated but not too heated. The fish will get soaked with the oil if it's not hot. Only the outer parts will get cooked if the oil is too hot.

How do I know when the temperature of the oil is suitable for me to put inside the fish? The answer is simple, I personally put slices of onions in the oil. The oil is ready for the fish when all the onions start frying.

In order to avoid the fish sticking to the pan, coat the fish with flour before frying. You could also just put enough floor to cover the base of your pan before frying.

Try this and your fish will always come out whole and well cooked. Anticipating your reviews. Thank you so much. Don't forget to share and like.

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