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Learn How To Make Your Own Butter At Home, It's Healthier And More Economical.

Butter is essential in almost every baking recipe. Some prefer butter to margarine because they say it tastes nicer, it's the inverse for some. Which ever your preference it's fine and they're almost the same.

Butter is relatively more expensive compared to margarine. People usually opt for margarine not only because of the price but because margarine is more common.

Butter has a lot of nutritional benefits. These benefits are however not fully utilised by the body due to some other ingredients added during its production in commercial quantities.

To save yourself of that and to save money, I'm sharing with you, the recipe for salted butter.

These are all you need, whipping cream, salt, cold water, a mixer, cold water, bowls and a strainer.

In a bowl add 21/2 cups of whipping cream. Add a teaspoon of salt. Using the mixer, whisk until it becomes stiff and the milk separates from the fat.

Drain the milk. Don't throw away the milk, it can be used for baking or even drinking. You can drain the milk by sieving the mixture using a strainer.

With the mixture still in the strainer, add cold water to it. Using your hands, squeeze the liquid out of the butter.

Your butter is ready. You can either store it in a container and refrigerate or you can mould it into any shape you desire and refrigerate.

There you go, you just made your own butter at home. You may use it for baking or spreading.

Some health benefits of butter include:It can help lower your chances of cancer, it can help strengthen your bones and it can help make your skin healthier.

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