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Benefits of Eating Fruits

What is fruit? If i my ask. There are mny fruit in the world which are of much benefit to our system which when taken.

Fruits are natural foods that contains sugar or may have sugar like taste. Some of these fruits are pineapple, apple,sugar cane, grapes, strawberry, guava, and many others.

Also fruit is defined scientifically as a fertilised ovary.That is when the outer covering of a fruits matures or ripe, then we consider it edible.

To talk about the benefits of fruits, the are a lot but this is just a few to mention.

1. Fruits helps relief one from constipation especially the fibrous ones.

2. Fruits orange, and other fruits of this kind provides Vitamin C which which helps protect one from diseases.

3. Fruits in diet help get a balanced diet which help in the maintenance of some vital operations of some internal organs.

But mind you though fruits are nice, they have limitations. Too much of them can make one fall victim to diarrhoea.

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