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Joke For The Month, My First Date at Golden Tulip.

I met this fine girl last Weekend at Spintex road. I invited her this Friday evening, on a first Date at Golden tulip. I paid her taxi fare on her arrival. We sat close to the pool side face to face. The waitress approached us with a menu card. I received the menu and asked the gal whether there's any drink she want to take now whiles we look through the menu.

The girl ordered cocktail (called: millionaire sour).I ordered for one bottle of Sprite drink.

After looking through the menu she decided that she will take "Batter Fried fish with cheese sauce", "Roast lamb salad", "sausage and potato casserole"  , and a small cup of "Jollof rice". I only ordered for Burger.

After two hours of chatting and eating. The girl finished all the dishes. And asked me to notify the waitress whether she can get some "light soup with chicken wings" and another glass of cocktail drink. I notified the waitress and after 20mins the soup and the cocktail was served. I decided not to order anything again after taking a bottle of sprite with Burger.

She finished the soup and the drink then we decided we have to depart. So we joined a taxi together heading towards Spintex but I decided I will alight at the Accra Mall so that I can take bus home.


-Two glass of cocktail: ghc60

-Batter fried fish with cheese sauce: ghc35

-Roast Lamb salad: ghc30

-Sausage and Potato casserole: ghc30

-cup of ‘jollof’ rice: ghc17

-light soup with chicken wings: ghc20

-Taxi fare in and out: ghc50

TOTAL cost on girl: ghc242


One bottle sprite :ghc5

Burger: 10ghc

Bus fare: ghc6.5

TOTAL: ghc21.5

We are currently in the taxi and we have gotten to the former "Shangri-La" road. The girl is asking me to give her ghc300 cash for herself. It is left with my last ghc32 and an ATM Visa card.

I am confused and don't know what to do...


What should I do.

Content created and supplied by: SpArK_OJ (via Opera News )

Golden Tulip Spintex Sprite


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