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Tiger Nuts Is More Useful Than You Thought, See it's Uses

It is the tiger nuts you know, but let me brief it for you, tiger nuts is also called the earth almonds, it is very popular in Nigerian street as small root vegetable. It has yellowish shaft with milky liquid inside, it has the botanical of Cyperus esculebtus, but most countries call it as chufa nuts, Nigerian call it tiger nut for the stripes on it.

Tiger buts are of two varieties, the brownish tiger nuts and the yellow- brownish tiger nuts. The both tiger nuts are edible, but Nigerian prefer the yellowish one because it more available in their land compared to other variety. Tiger nuts can be used as keto diet after dried and grounded into flour, and it is usually process into drinks.

Tiger nuts are encoded with lots of nutritious elements which are very useful for human health. In this article, you will be expose to three different benefits of taking in tiger nuts which are follows;

1. Reduction of weight

 Tiger nuts is embedded with lots of fibres that are essential for our health. It contains fibre which reduces cholesterol in the body thereby making the body to loss weight.

2. Aids Digestion

Eating tiger nuts helps in breaking down food particles as it is a good source of fibre that aids digestion. Fibre also helps in the promotion of easy transportation of food particles(under digesting) through the digestive tract and improves stool bulk. Fibre also helps in the absorption of nutrients from the digested food, and decrease the chances of constipation activating the micro biome in the stomach.

 3. It lowers the blood sugar level

As the tiger nuts have high fibre, the fibre slows down the absorption of sugar in the gut. Also, it contains arginine(an amino acid usually find in animal food) which stimulates the sensitivity of insulin. The high concentration of fibre and arginine made it possible for carbohydrate to increase the blood sugar.

With these usefulness of tiger nuts, I hope we will have more improvement in our health status, share to family and friends, and also follow my channel. Thanks.

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