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Cooking Recipes


Top Most Popularly Known Food Commodities.

Food commodities are major ingredients of food stuffs used for cooking food.

There are a lot of food commodities but the most popularly known ones include;


Meat is a general name given to the flesh of animals. Meat is made up of lot of fine fibres joined together by connective tissues called collagen, fat and water that give the meat it's nice taste flavour and nutritive value.

We have red meat like pork, lamb and beef. And we also have white meat like Guinea fowl, rabbit, veal and chicken etc. The red meat contains more fat and connective tissues while the white meat contain a lower texture with less fat and connective tissues.


Poultry is a common name given to birds that are rare on farms for them to produce eggs and meat. Birds like chicken, pigeon, duck are some examples of poultry.

Poultry is full of nutrition, they are rich in fat, protein, vitamin and minerals.

Poultry can be kept in freezers.

When buying poultry you must must make sure they are healthy and strong. It is nutritious food and very good For health.


Fruits are edible part of plant and trees that are normally and mostly eaten raw.

Fruits are classified in many kind, we have soft fruit that include straw berries, rasp berries, blue berries etc. We also have citrus like grape fruit, orange, lime, lemon and tangerines. They are all rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, fat and minerals.


Fruit can be served as snack

They can be use for fruit salad.

It can be serve as a side dish etc.


Vegetables are apart of plant which is eaten as food. It is very essential to human life because it contain almost all the necessary food nutrients.

We have a local type of vegetables which include, okro, pepper, garden egg.

And we have foreign type of vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, carrots, fresh beans etc.

Green leafy vegetables are rich source of A,B, and C, minerals -iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and sulphur, carbohydrates, protein, fat and oil.

Vegetables can be use for garnishing

Some vegetables are used as medicines

Vegetables are used as a flavour in soups, stews, sauce etc.

Vegetables are indeed the perfect source of nutrients for vegetarians...

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