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Don't Throw Away Your Unripe Plantain Peels, See 3 Ways It Can Be Useful To You

No matter how busy you are, make sure that you don't joke about your health. There are certain things we ignore which might turn out to be very serious tomorrow, so always take your health as your priority.

Do you know that unripe plantain peels can be very useful to you? Have you been throwing away your unripe plantain peels even when you're battling diabetes? Then do well to read this article till the end because it will be of benefit to you.

Take a look at three ways unripe plantain peels can be of benefit to you, and why you should not dispose them whenever you make use of them.

1. It helps to cure Diabetes:-

Sometimes you might be discouraged because your sugar level keeps increasing. Diabetes is a very deadly illness, and I can remember it once killed a friend's mum that's why you should always check your sugar level.

For those who are battling daibetes, you only need to boil the unripe plantain peels and drink the water. Do this for at least three times a month, then go to the hospital for a check-up. You will surely be happy with the result!

2. It helps to fade away Stretch marks:-

Is your stretch marks making you to loose confidence whenever your pull off your dress? Then you should know that this unripe plantain remedy is for you. Dry the unripe plantain peels under the sun for 3 days, until it's completely dried then you blend the peels so that it'll be in a powdered form.

Take a small quantity and mix it in your Shea butter cream, then apply on your body. You will start seeing good results after atleast two weeks of continuous applying.

3. It treats Ulcer and Stomach issues:-

The pain that comes from Ulcer is usually unbearable, because I had a friend who once had ulcer but now she's fine. The truth is that, if you don't ask certain questions then no one will tell you how useful unripe plantain peels can be to you.

It can help to eliminate the Ulcer and all you have to do is, soak the peels in a container of water and leave it for three days. Take it for at least twice a day, for one week. After then, go for a check-up and thank me later.

Has this article been of help to you?, Why don't you share to others so that they can benefit too. Also, if there are other benefits you know, please kindly share in the comment section and ask me your questions.

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