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7 Amazingly Nutritious Foods to Take for Dinner in Ghana.

Food is very essential in the life of every human being. There is an adage that says that the way you treat the cow will determine the quality of cheese it produces for you.

The same thing is applicable to the human body. Even computers. It says ‘garbage in garbage out.’ Thus, all individuals should endeavour to enrich the quality of the foods they eat. They say eat breakfast like a king. The good-morning food we take is very important. That’s why others might take in foods like oat, porridge, wheat, omelette and many others like the images below:

However, the last meal you take should also be very rich in nutrients to climax the quality of food you’ve taken for the day. So, 8 hours before you go to bed, it is recommended to consume rice and stew/soap, banku, jollof and chicken, ampesi, tuozaafi, emotuo (rice ball) and many others.

These foods are rich in carbohydrate, lipids, protein, vitamins, water and minerals. Nutrients you stand to get highly depends on the type of food you consume. So, it is best you eat a variety of them. 

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