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Do You Know The English Names Of These Ghanaian Cooking Utensils?

Do You Know The English Names Of These Ghanaian Cooking Utensils?

In Ghana, there are so many local dishes that are prepared at home and sold in our locally established restaurants aka “Chop Bar”.

Some of these foods are Banku, FUFU, Abete3, Konkonte and Omo Tuo.

These locally invented Ghanaian meals are prepared with certain utensils that almost everybody is familiar with its local name.

However, there are a few who are able to translate these name into English.

Some feel these utensils should only have local names because the meals they are used in preparing are consumed by only Ghanaians.

One question I keep asking is what of our brothers abroad who equally use these utensils over there? 

How will they be able to translate to people selling over there to help get such utensils for them?

Since we usually have some utensils like “Banku ta”, Dades3n and AP)t)yewa, there should also be some form of English translation for some locally made Ghanaian cooking utensils.

In today's article, I have provided a collection of Ghanaian cooking utensils. 

The utensils I have gathered are used for the preparation of our local meal “banku”.

I can bet my last CEDI almost 90% of Ghanaians have no idea what they are called in English.

Unless you can prove me wrong, I will like all readers to comment on the utensils I have presented in this article.

Let's see if you can find all English names for the utensils I have presented. 

In subsequent articles, I will provide readers with the actual English names of these utensils, but for now the test is for you guys.

Let's see the smart ones.

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