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A woman was caught using her foot to mush kenkey and sell to the crowd

Some woman did not do the right thing by using her leg to mush kenkey and sell it to the crowd. The woman seen in the video was using her leg and hand to do this kind of work. Kenkey also known as Komi, Kooboo or Dorkuno is a staple food similar to sourdough dumpling from Ga and Fante - inhabited region of the west africa of Ghana usually served with pepper sauce and fried fish but people also enjoy it when mushed with sugar and milk.

Areas where kenkey is eaten are Ghana, eastern Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, western Benin, Guyana, and Jamaica. It is usually made from ground corn (maize), like sadza and ugali. It is popularly known as kɔmi (pronounced kormi) by the Gas or dokono by the Akans in Ghana. It is also known in Jamaica as dokunoo, dokono, dokunu, blue drawers, and tie-a-leaf. In Mexico, there is a version called "Tamale". Kenkey can also be found in an area of Northern Ghana called "Tamale". In Guyana, it is called konkee. In Trinidad it is called "paime" (pronounced pay-me) and differs in that it does not contain plantain but may include pumpkin and coconut. In the cuisine of the Caribbean, it is made with cornmeal, plantain, green banana, sweet potato. Kenkey is a kind of food which is respected in many countries. But this woman is using her leg to mush kenkey. This kind of people don't deserve This world because they don't think about what Will happen to the people who are going to consume the Ice kenkey. pls like and comment

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