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Importance of flat belly tea

The flat tummy tea, like most other types of tea detoxes offers a solution for people who want to achieve a flat tummy. What makes it different though, is the approach that the company employs to reach its target audience.

The main target group for this detox is women who fall within the age group of 20-30 year old females. The company uses a chic language that this age group would best identify with. Considering that the company has more than 600,000 likes on Facebook and 1.3 million on Instagram, their message is resonating well.

So, What Is Flat Tummy Tea?

Flat tummy tea is herbal tea that the company says is made from 100% natural products. It is designed to help users detox their bodies by working on the toxins that have built up in the digestive system for years.

When the intestinal track is cleared of the toxin build up, chances of water retention are eliminated. The company states that these two, toxins and water weight are the two biggest causes of bloated tummies.

The tea also helps improve the metabolism system in the body. When the system of the body is working well, it can improve digestion and remove buildup of toxins.

How the Tea Works

The tea comes in two separate packs that are intended to work at different intervals. These are Activate and Cleanse.


The goal of this pack is to improve metabolism in the body, giving it an extra energy boost and ease of digestion. This product is expected to start working in a few days from when one starts using it. One should take a cup of 'activate flat tummy tea' every morning during breakfast.

A loose leaf blend of the tea should be dipped in hot water for five to seven minutes. Then the loose leaf should be removed and the drink consumed.

'Activate' contains about ten natural ingredients, namely, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Liquorice, Dandelion, Cleavers, Fennel, Green Tea, Caraway, and Cardamom.

The company says that the ingredients are naturally sweet and no sweetener is necessary. However, one can add lemon or honey if they so wish.


The goal of this next part of Flat Tummy tea is to detoxify the intestinal track. This in turn reduces water weight in the body, flattening the tummy in the process.

The intake of 'Cleanse' is a little different from 'Activate Tea'. The tea should be taken every night of the first week of intake. After that, one should take it every three nights.

Cleanse contains Senna, Peppermint, Cassia Chamaecrista, Liquorice, Caraway, Dandelion, and Rhubarb.

The makers of Flat Tummy Tea say that the product can flatten the tummy without workouts. However, it gives additional tips intended to make the process faster. These are;

- Reducing the Intake of Veggies - These include cabbage, broccoli, Brussel sprout, and cauliflower. Since these foods have starches and sugars, they are thought to cause gas or bloating.

- Engaging in Workout - When one sweats during workouts, the body sheds salt that often encourages water retention in the body.

- Take Food With Fiber - Fiber plays the role of helping to flash out any unwanted build-ups in the intestines.

Other tips include eating in smaller portions, keeping drinking to a minimum, tracking performance by taking personal photos, and even resting during weekends.

While there is no promise of instant results with this product, the manufacturer assures users that it does offer considerable 'proof' that it works. But are these proofs truthworthy? Can a tea really help you shed belly fat?

Content created and supplied by: Jonathankay (via Opera News )

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