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Ghanaian local dishes, and how they prepared them - Click to see photos

Kelewele is a Ghanaian dish consisting of deep fried plantain chunks that are usually combined with salt, ginger, and hot peppers,it is usually served as a accompaniment to bean stew or rice dishes, although kelewele is also often sold by numerous African street vendors as a dessert. Some cook like to add peanuts cloves.

Plam nut soup is a hearty Ghanaian dish consisting of palm nut pulp, water, fish, or meat tomatoes, onions and flavouring such as pepper, salt, garlic and chili peppers. The combination of these ingredients is cooked untill is develops a thick, stew texture. Sometimes served with fufu or rice dishes.

Kontomire soup or ebunu ebunu (green soup) is a Ghanaian soup made from cocoyam leaves, smoked fish mushroom, and snails. Cocoyam leaves give the it's Characteristic green colour. The soup is traditional dish of the Akan tribe, who often serve it with fufu, rice, or boiled rip plantains.

Chichinga is a popular Ghanaian street food item consisting of skewered and grilled meat, that is rubbed with a spice mix known as suya

Suya is made with peanuts, ground spices and hot chili peppers. The name of dish is a transliteration of the Ghanaian word Chichinga meaning kebab.

It is recommended to serve with jollof rice, Ghanaian salad, or tried plantain

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African Ghanaian Kelewele


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