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You Are A Bad Cook If You Add This To Chicken Soup

This is my grandmothers kitchen secret to me.I am about to share it to you in this post.

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Chicken is a delicacy which is loved worldwide due to its peculiar taste.

When cooked chicken gives a very ice flavour allowing it to be able to be used alone in meal preparations.

When well steamed before used for the soup or the stew, it is best to know that chicken can survive on its own. 

Do not add fish to chicken because chicken too can survive on his own.

When used alone fish gives a unique taste which is totally different from chicken.

A combination of chicken and fish is like serving two masters. 

Please use chicken alone and use fish alone or with meat. When added to meat fish serves us to the brim.

So if you add fish to chicken soup your soup will taste someway and you well be considered a bad cook.

What was your experience when you added fish to chicken.

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