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Are You Hungry: Nuances You Should Know

Hi guys, Peccuy here.

I'm making this a learning space now, you can learn the right pronunciation of words and the appropriate words to use in a sentence.

It promises to be an exciting journey, stay tuned and click the follow button to get updates.

Hunger is an urgent feeling to have or eat something, it is a feeling of discomfort caused by the lack of food. It is usually coupled with the desire to eat or have something. When hunger sets in, we usually say we are 'hungry'. To be hungry means to feel or show the need for food. The word hungry is an adjective used to tell more about the noun hunger and every adjective has synonyms(similar words that can be used in place of a word). Below are some synonyms and how you can use them in place of 'hungry'.

The first word is Peckish: this word originates from the word peck. Peck is a verb that describes the way birds eat. For one to describe hunger as feeling peckish, it means that the person may not be hungry for an enormous meal, rather the individual may want to have a snack or small chops. So feeling peckish doesn't mean one is extremely hungry. For example; DIALOGUE

A: Hey it's lunchtime, can we have lunch together?

B: Uhm, I had a heavy breakfast so I'm not so hungry, I am a little peckish tho.

A: So can I get you anything on my way back?

B: I'd like a glass of juice and some cookies, thank you.

That is one way to use the word peckish.

The second word is Famished: to be famished means to be extremely hungry. For example; DIALOGUE

A: Hey it's lunchtime, can we have lunch together?

B: Hi, of course, I'm glad you asked, I skipped breakfast because I was running late, I'm famished.

This is one way you can use the word famished in the same scenario.

I hope with this you'll desist from the continual use of 'HUNGRY'

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