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If She Can Cook These 4 Ghanaian Dishes, Then She Is A True Wife Material

The way to a man's heart is definitely through his stomach, whatever he takes in. However, it's unfortunate that this phrase is mostly underrated these days. You'll see women who clearly don't know how to cook and they will be very proud of themselves.

The ability to cook tasty meals should be what makes someone a wife material. If you don't know how to cook as a lady, then will you expected your husband to spend money on buying food in eateries?

Infact men admire women who have excellent kitchen skills, because that character alone shows that she will be able to manage even when little is given to her. Do you know that some can make a pot of soup with 20 cedis?

If you're dating and she can cook these 4 Ghanaian Dishes that I will be listing below, then she is a true wife material.

1.) Banku, Tilapia Fish and Shito

2.) Waakye

3.) A combination of Banku, Tilapia, Fried eggs, Shito, and a deliciously prepared meal.

4.) Banku and Goat meat pepper stew

If your woman can prepare these meals listed above with just 100 cedis then marry her.

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