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Do Not Eat These Mushrooms To Stay alive

Mushrooms is a something that is consumed as food mostly in African and around the world. Many people enjoy mushroom because of its unique taste and flavor. it can be used in preparing any kind of food , you would want to prepare. Many people most especially vegetarians consume mushrooms the most. In the case of continent , African is among the continent that consume mushrooms the most. There are variety of mushrooms ,some grow on palm nut trees after it has been cut down. others grow on the land, woods, lawns, and some can grow in refuse damps and other places However there are particular kind of mushrooms that is poisonous to the body.

They can cause a lot of discomfort and even death if not taken to hospital early. these type of mushrooms mostly grow on woods, on soil and may appear in lawns. One of the most dangerous among the few poisonous mushroom is the Amanita phalloides known locally as' Saman Mire'. These type of mushrooms is very poisonous to the body when consumed. they contain an agent called muscarinic agent. these agent causes Gastrointestinal upset such as vomiting, nausea and other negative effects such as salivation, miosis, urination and defecation and etc. In severe cases, it can cause cardiac arrest, that is heart failure and difficult in breathing. it can weakens you and if not sent to the hospital early , you may die.

They appear like the edible mushrooms and may be difficult to distinguish them from the edible mushrooms. That is why ,you need to be careful when harvesting mushrooms for consumption. the muscarinic agent produces excessive parasympathetic effects. which result in excessive production and release of acetycholine into the body. excessive accummulation of acetylcholine result in adverse effects such as vomiting , nausea, salivation and the rest. many has died due to the consumption of these mushrooms.

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