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The variety of coconuts we eat habitually

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Coconut is a one-seeded fruit of a tropical tree- Cocos Nucifera. It belongs to the Arecaceae family and grows in a humid and warm climate. This palm tree is native to Malaysia and found in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and some pacific islands.

The fruit consists of three layers: endocarp, exocarp, and mesocarp. Exocarp is the green and smooth, outermost layer. Mesocarp is the middle fleshy layer of the coconut; the endocarp is the hard and woody layer surrounding the seed.

Did you know that there are about 11 different types of coconut?

There are mainly two types of Coconuts trees–tall and dwarf. The tall grows up to 50-90 feet and starts bearing fruits after 7-10 years. Whereas, the dwarf grows up to 20-60 feet and begins fruiting after 4-5 years. Dwarf varieties have an average life span of 40-50 years, while tall varieties live up to 90-100 years. Also, the tall varieties are cross-pollinated, and dwarf ones are self-pollinated.



1. West Coast Tall Coconut

2. East Coast Tall Coconut

3. Maypan Coconut

4. Tiptur Tall Coconut

5. Orange Dwarf Coconut

6. Green Dwarf Coconut

7. Malayan Yellow Dwarf Coconut

8. Fiji Dwarf Coconut

9. King Coconut

10. VHC1 Coconut

11. Macapuno Coconut

Who would have thought that there would be so many types, and amateurs wouldn't be able to tell the trees or types apart .

I am glad you are slightly more enlightened in this aspect.

Have fun identifying them when you see any

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