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Check Out The Name Of One Of The Favorite Food Of The Ashanti's

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Ashanti is one of the most prominent tribes in Ghana and Africa as a whole due to the roles possessed by their great ancestors.

Culture is a way of life of people. Food too is a type of culture. In Ghana, at first some of the food that were mostly taken in by the Ashanti's are "mpotompoto", "bankye ampesie", borde dwo" among others.

Now, we have divert from our culture on the aspect of food. So now we take in rice, pizza, sausage and others.

Just by the way, am here to present one of the most delicious meal in Ashanti and how it is called in Ashanti.This food is referred to us ' bankye ampesie" with " koobi" and pear.

See the after asking for the name of the above food.

Thanks for reading.

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