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Meat that help you in reducing weight plus keeping you healthy

Stange right? Everyone knows how meat can be a major factor in making one gain a lot of weight due to the amount of fat most of them have . Meat is used in burgers ,pizzas and so many other stuff but worry no more you dont have to stop eating meat simply because you want to loose weight,these meats would actually help you loose weight as soon as possible

1. Skinless chicken breast

This meat is a great source of Vitamin A ,K ,B6 and B12 and it also gives folate, iron ,niacin ,panothenic acid, riboflavin, phosphorus, selenium and zinc . All these vitamins and nutrients help in reducing weight . Just a good tip ,just in order not to add fat again to this skinless chicken breast please dont fry else it would be filled with fat again, I prefer steaming or another method of cooking which doesn't involve the use of oil

2 . Grass fed beef

Well, red meat like beef is known to give a lot of fat but in this case it's very different that's why I used the words "grass fed" because this kind of beef is much more healthier than "grain fed" beef. Grass fed beef have lower calories compared to beef which are fed with grains. Also grass fed beef have 5 times omega 3 fatty acids than that of grain fed beef . The saturated fat found in this beef is very low which reduces the rate of heart disease .

3. Salmon

This type of fish is a great source of omega 3 . Omega 3 helps give you good eyesight and keeps your brain healthy always. It also supports heart health ,psychiatric illness and other health conditions. Since there is less or no fat in this fish it helps the body loose fat in order to keep the human system healthy

4. Turkey

Skinless turkey meat is an excellent source if protein. Turkey is a good source of vitamin b6 . This vitamin provides nutrients for proper heart health ,digestion energy ,brain functions and mental health benefits.

5. Ostrich

Well this meat isnt common in the African market but it's possible to get some tho. Its tastes just like beef . This meat has high amounts of protein and low calories as well which really helps in weight loss and also contains high amounts of B vitamins

6. Bison (buffalo meat )

The bison (buffalo meat ) is an excellent source of lean meat . It cooks very fast but becareful if you cook it for long it becomes very tough or hard and also doesnt like to be cooked under high temperature. Buffalo meat is traditionally fed with grass so they have lower calories which prevent one from becoming fat and other healthy benefits

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