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Top 4 Ghanaian dishes you must try

Ghana has a very rich culture that could not be destroyed even by years of colonization. Food is an important part of any culture and the Ghanaian one is not an exception. Ghana has great meals that are to die for.

Ghanaian dishes are a delicacy everyone must partake of. For this fact, certain Ghanaian dishes are sold all over the world like Jollof, waakye, etc. Today we discuss 4 dishes everyone must eat before dying.


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This is a delicious meal that originates from Northern Ghana. It has caught the attention of many individuals in Ghana and out of Ghana. It is a delicacy that lives up to its name in great taste.

It is a dish cooked with rice and beans and commonly eaten for brunch or lunch. The word waakye is from a Hausa word that means beans.


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This is also another very popular Ghanaian delicacy that is widely admonished and eaten by all. It is basically beans stew that is made of black-eyed peas and palm oil.

It is best eaten or accompanied with fried plantain and is known for increased growth as one of the most balanced meals in Ghana.


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This is also a major Ghanaian delicacy that certain individuals may deem it as our trump card It is a very heavy meal that is usually eaten at lunch or early supper.


This is also another important Ghanaian delicacy that is popular amongst Ghanaians

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