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Three Ghanaian Popular Meals That Promote Growth

This article is not meant for advertisement but rather to enlighten people about Three Ghanaian popular meals that serves a good impact on nutrition to foster growth in human.

Kontomire stew is a stew made from cocoyam leaves, commonly prepared in the home and very popular in Ghanaian cuisine. In Ghana, kontomire stew is served with a variety of dishes, including steamed rice, cooked yam, and plantain. Its English designation palava sauce is said to originate from the people of Elmina in the coastal regions in Ghana. The Stew is served with meats such as egg and fish. This stew will make you miss Ghanaian home.Okro stew (or okra stew) is one of the best accompaniments to banks, one of Ghana's national dishes. The main components of our stew are a tomato stew base made with red palm fruit oil, onions, tomatoes, spices, and finely chopped okra. They are mostly served to foods such as Banku, fufu, and Tuo Zaafi.The above shows a picture of tomato stew. Tomato stew is to a Ghanaian, what Passata is to an Italian. The Ghana Tomato stew recipe calls for the use of both fresh Tomatoes, Tomato purée, and spices. The mixture is cooked and fried in oil, till the oil separates from the Tomatoes. The oil used mostly for this sauce is Sunflower oil. This stew is mostly served to steamed rice, boiled yam, and plantain and can also be used in the process making of Jollof

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