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How to prepare this kind of stew, advisable to women

As human beings as we are, there is nothing wrong learning something new from someone because no one is born perfect. Do away with arrogance and start getting things you don't know from others irrespective of your position.

Do not forget that smart people always listen and learn to add new things to the little they already have, take note of that.

Young girls of today find things difficult when it comes to cooking for their husbands after marriage where it is left with only two of them (couples) to live together.

As you continue to read this article, l am going to teach you how to prepare Kontomire Stew from the beginning to the end. It will be very good for you to get a cup of coffee and then get all the information about how to prepare a well Kontomire Stew.

You don’t always have to boil the kontomire if you really want to get it natural nutrients. I don’t boil mine, especially if you want the natural green color.

The kontomire might not cook early because of the salt if it is the uncooked one sliced. It is best it cooks before adding the salt.

In order not to embarrass yourself, make sure the Agushie and the stew is ready then put the Kontomire leaves on top, do not stir, cover it for 10mins on low heat before stirring.

Try it and give me a feedback.

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