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My Unsurpassable Love For Banku Got Me Into Serious Trouble

I am a 26 year old white European. I got to know my African boyfriend in France and he brought me to Africa to settle there for a few weeks, in order to also discover African culture.

During our stay in Africa, I discovered several African dishes that led me to be very attached to African cuisine and the way African women prepare meals. I really liked the way we turn couscous, the different ways of preparing vegetables and African sauces.

Only, this love for African dishes creates problems for me with my relatives in Europe. Some of my relatives say that I have gone mad. I filled my body with germs and many other diseases because Africa is a continent where cooking is not done with respect for hygiene rules. Especially in rural areas. Africans eat very poorly and that is why life expectancy is reduced in Africa.

However, since I eat African meals, I feel good, I have no problem, I am rather very fulfilled. My parents and friends want me home or they won't help me anymore. I don't want to go back to Europe anymore. I feel good in Africa. But I don't have a job. I don't know what should I do? Please help me, I want some advice.

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