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Be careful where you buy your cooked meals outside home. Some doesn't look pleasant. (Pictures)

Living without meal seems impossible. But the question is, what kind of meal or food do we consume in our daily lives. This will determine the kind of energy one will use to work. Good food gives good energy and vice versa.

This comes after some of the foods which are already cooked and well prepared as meals in the markets and streets doesn't seem all that well.

Kenkey for instance get pass through so many steps and stages for it becomes a meal. Some sellers of this food put the containers for making the meal at a place which is very inconvenient. Making houseflies and other household animals to preak in them with their mouths.

The same cauldron or container will be used to cook the same meal the next.

This goes for most of the meals at the road side.

We need to be careful where we buy our favourite meals so not not buy diseases for ourselves with money.

All these pictures above were captured by AMA in Accra.

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