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Meet The 100-Year-Old Veteran Whose Secret To His Long Life Is Eating Raw Meat.

Growing older is everybody's wise, but sometimes we lack the various things one must do to grow older. Many people have shared different tips on how one can grow older and these tips have their various effects. In this article, I will share with you the story of the 100-Year-Old Veteran whose secret to his long life is eating fresh meat.

Eating fresh mean is something that will be very difficult for so many who prefers eating cooked meat to raw meat, but this is not the story of the 100-Year-Old Veteran whose secret to growing older is eating raw meat.

According to this 100-Year-Old veteran, he was raised by eating raw meat without cooking them. He says, a long time ago, they had no knives and could get a goat by its shoulders and tear it down to its pieces with their own hands. According to him, since 2004, he has been walking with a knife showing people how to eat raw meat because when they cook or fry meat, it loses its vitamins. 

According to him, he once got sick in his 20s throughout his 100 years journey, and he was given fermented alcohol to drink. From that day, he never suffered from any disease, and much of his strength is attributed to eating raw meat.

He says, during their times, hunting was their ultimate work and after hunting, he removed the intestines of the animals and started enjoying without cooking them. People in his village also testified to the fact that this 100-Year-Old veteran always goes to the butcher, buys raw eat and eat them with a little salt.

He concluded by saying that even though a lot of people cannot do what he is doing but if only they can reduce the amount of meat they cook often, they will live healthier and longer.

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