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7 Foods You Eat Daily Which Are Actually Destroying Your Kidneys.

Have you ever wondered whether you lifestyle affects your body in anyway? Chances are that probably the food that you are eating in harmful to some vital organ in your body.

In this article we are going to be looking at 5 different foods you probably did not know are destroying your kidneys.

1. Apricots:

These fruits are are known to be enriched in nutrients such as Vitamin A and C, copper and a lot of potassium. In case you have a weak kidney you should consider taking in too much this fruit as a lot of potassium destroys the kidneys.

2. Soda,

Some sodas contains a large amount of phosphorus, a healthy adult is expected to take in 800mg-1200mg of phosphorus per day, any additional phosphorus may not be ideal for the health of your kidneys.

3. Whole Wheat Bread,

Just one single slice of whole wheat bread contains roughly 57mg of phosphorus and 69 mg of potassium. Imagine consuming about 6 slices of whole wheat bread.

4. Red Meat,

A recent study has shown the kidney patients with diets containing red meat where more likely to develop kidney failure that those who consume vegetables.



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Apricots Soda Whole Wheat Bread


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