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How to make Papaya (Pawpaw) jam

This recipe is filled with loads of nutrients.

Papaya (Pawpaw jam)

Papaya (Pawpaw jam)

Papaya jam is simple to prepare and requires a few ingredients.


One ripe of papaya

One ripe of papaya

3 inches (7.6 cm) of ginger

5 tablespoon of sugar

2 sweet lemon

2 sweet lemon


Slice the ready papaya down the middle. Crush the ready papaya or mix it. 

Strip off the ginger perfect and cut into little pieces and pound it into the stone mortar until the ginger squashed equilibrium. 

Warmth the searing pot ensure it is perfect and prepared to utilize. 

Put the crushed ready papaya into the broiling pot. Mix generally so the jam won't stick in a pot. 

Following 10 minutes, put the squashed ready papaya into a pot, trailed by the squashed ginger. 

Mix until the crushed papaya becomes versatile. 

Add the sugar into the papaya mix until the sugar is entirely mixed.

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Papaya Pawpaw


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