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Use Cinnamon And Taameawu Leave As A Herb To Attract Money And Favour.

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In this life money is the source of everything, when you want to eat, is money, when you want to live a luxury life is money and even if a lady will love you is money. People are struggling to be successful but to no avail. You will see a lot of people going to different places to get money but to no avail. Don't worry because this article will help you to attract money every day in your life.

Taameawu leaves and Cinnamon has something in common, because both of this two herbs have positive energies and both are good to attract more money. Using Cinnamon as a Herb can attract good favour and Taameawu also does the same thing, Let start the process.

Things Needed.

Cinnamon powder

Taameawu leaves

One table spoon of Honey

One parchment paper

One green candle

Four coins (the choice of yours)

How To Use Cinnamon And Taameawu Leaves To Attract More Money.

Step 1. Draw a circle on the patchment paper by using a black pen with four pointed corners, south, west, east and north.

Step 2. Write your full name inside the circle you have drawn on the paper and make sure that it should be twenty one times.

Step 3. Put the coins into the four pointed corners and place your candle at the middle of the circle, light up your candle.

Step 4. Put some of the cinnamon powder into the leaves and put it on the paper.

Step 5. Lick the honey for seven times and make this incartations.

" Money, Money, Money. Come to me every day, as I called you, always come to me and live with me every day. Lord of the moon, Lord of the sun and Lord of the Angels should bring me positive energy and bring me more money every day."

Meditate for a while and see yourself that you have more money. After you have finished just wait for the candle to burn and pick the coins and hide it some where until your money will come. Take the paper and the cinnamon powder and put it into your water to bath at the same night by commanding money.This rituals supposed to done on only Friday night around 11pm to 12am and it should be done for one month.

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