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TRICKS: How Local Drinks are made, follow these simple steps

Local Drinks are more delicious and nutritional. local drinks help in weight loss, it decrease blood pressure, it also prevent anemia and among others. Today, am going to teach you how to prepare Asana and Bisap juice popularly known as SOBOLO.

lets get started. Am going to start with the Sobolo first. With the Sobolo you will need the following ingredients;

1 Margarine tin of Sobolo flowers

little quantities of ginger, cloves and others

1 milk tin of sugar

2 litres of water

some pineapple peels, watermelon (optional)

Follow these steps in preparations;

1. Drop the Sobolo flowers into a pot a water, add pineapple peels, roughly grind ginger, cloves (pepre) and boil for about 35 minutes.

2. Drain off the liquid into a bowl or container.

3. Add about half the quantity of the first time quantity of water to the sobolo flowers and boil it the second time.

4. Drain the liquid off the flowers and add it to the one drained during the first round.

5. Now leave it there to cool for a while. After that, drain the watermelon juice into the liquid sobolo

6. Add sugar to taste. Get it freezed and serve.

Also, with the Asana local drink. You will have to get the following ingredients;

1 bowl of maize

1 margarine tin of sugar

About 4 gallon of water is needed

Now follow these steps;

1. Soak maize overnight.

2. Remove from the water and spread on a sack in a room. Cover it with some cloths to enable it germinate, but not with leaves.

3. Remove and dry thoroughly in the sun.

4. Pound it in a mortar or grind at corn mill to a rough texture.

5. Pour enough water on it in a large pot and boil thoroughly till you begin to smell a nice aroma from it. This indicates that it is well cooked.

6. Take it off the fire and strain the liquid into a container

7. Melt one cup of sugar in an iron pot or saucepan to become brown. Add a little water to make it pouring.

8. Take it off the fire and be fetching it into the strained drink bit by bit and be mixing it until all the caramel gets finished.

9. Add some ordinary sugar to taste.

10. Get ice into it as usual and serve.

As you can see, it looking more attractive and it delicious too. I will be glad if you will practice, please LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT and FOLLOW ME for more.

By ObiWrites

Content created and supplied by: ObiWrites (via Opera News )

Asana Bisap Sobolo


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