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Traditional Customs or Festivals

New yams in Kpandai district Balai.

Balai Again oooo.

Balai is a village in the western part of Kpandai district believed to be the owners of Kpandai land.

It's another season for yams to be honored to the great gods of the land, the goddess of food.

In Ghana today, the area that serves more of yams is Balai in the Kpandai district.

Our concern is that God will continue to bless that land to bless us with yams.

In years back, this village normally harvest very early in may but because of the rain pattern, they do it in June. I love to be there at all times

Important reasons for yam festival in this area,

1 to thank the gods for New yams

2 to ensure protection from the gods

3 The people also celebrate yam festival to preserve cultural practices that they received from their grandparents.

4 they also celebrate to mark another beginning of life from the gods.

The people have other festivals apart from yam festivals of the people residing there.

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Balai Ghana Kpandai


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