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Do you buy these foreign chickens to cook? See how they are processed by machines.

We have local chickens in the house which are killed and used as meat. During some ceremonies, we go to our cold stores to buy the foreign ones which are ready to be cooked just to speed up things. Not for even occasions only; we sometimes buy those chickens and consume in the house.

But the problem is, most of us don't know how these foreign chickens are processed in such a way that we just take them from the cold stores and all of a sudden, ready to be cooked with their internal organs and other parts removed. Read this piece to the end as I take you through how these chickens are processed with machines.

Firstly, these chickens are taken from where they were raised and caged. They are then sent to the processing factory in trucks. 

At the factory, they chickens are tied to a machine by their feet. The machine then starts to move them in a certain pattern as they remove their feathers with their hands. 

The heads are therefore removed. That is why they are always bought without their heads. 

The process continues. This time, their internal organs are removed. This is done by using their hands in gloves.

They are now untied and washed in another part of the machine. From there, they are dried.

These chicken flesh are packed in boxes and distributed.

This is how they are processed in a machine. Please like, share and follow for more of these stories.

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