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The controversy between Nigerian jollof and Ghana jollof ends now plu the history behind Jollof rice

Ghana and Nigerians to countries who seem to have love and competition in West Africa and one of the biggest controversy between them is about "Jollof rice " .

This sweet scented ,red color ,spicy and flavoured food Jollof rice has been liked by all local citizens and also foreigners around the world . Actually the origins of Jollof rice can be traced from the ancient Wolof Empire (also called the Jollof empire) which have now divided into senegal ,Gambia and Mauritania . Rice farming was actually working out in this region,and that's when Jollof came to existence which was called ""thieboudienne "" prepared with fish, rice , vegetables and shellfish. As time went on the Wolof empire began to spread themselves across West Africa and took they're cooking skills along . As time went on other countries began to learn how to prepare this food and added their skills to the food . The countries known to be best at making Jollof are Ghana ,Nigeria ,Liberia ,Sierra Leone and Cameroon .

But actually the real big competition is between the Ghanian jollof and Nigerian jollof and here is why these two food are different from each other

1. Ghanians use aromatic basmati rice which give the jollof rice a sweet scent . With this ,the smell alone can capture anyone who passes by it just to stop by and buy some Jollof to eat but for the Nigerians they use long grain rice believing that the rice absorbs flavor the most.

2. Nigerian jollof is really spicy compared to Ghanian jollof . Most Nigerians believe that using a lot more spices in jollof brings out a good taste and makes it special from the rest so if you're a spicy food lover you cab try it out but for Ghana jollof it mainly focuses on the use if tomato stew and meat in order to make the food have a rich taste

Well, I've asked friends which one theyll choose some say because of the leaves and stuff Nigerian jollof is better and healthy but some to say Ghanaian jollof has a sweet scented aroma and rich taste .I leave the final answer to you people , Nigerian Jollof and Ghana Jollof which one do you prefer

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