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Friday Borns Normally Are Not Supposed To Eat Spicy or Peppery Foods - Pastor Tells Zion Felix

Zion Felix has conducted lots of interviews with lots of different personalities, with different backgrounds and occupations. One of his recent interviews was with Bishop Asiamah. In the interview, he made the revelation that each day born has its unique traits, distinct personalities, and an element that each day is associated with.

What got Ghanaian's attention when watching the interview was when he made the statements that normally some particular day Borns are not totally compatible with each other (Friday and Tuesday borns especially).

He took the discussions a step further using the same analogy with regards to some certain types of food. He went on to reveal that, the same way Friday Borns were not compatible with Tuesday borns, it's the same way Friday Borns are naturally under normal circumstances not supposed to eat spicy or peppery foods.

He provides the statement that Friday is associated with the element of fire, and with spicy foods being naturally "hot", the two coming together are not naturally ideal. He was about to provide a more in-depth explanation of his claims when Zion cut the discussion into another topic.

Although they are wild claims and thus need verification, it is worth expanding one's knowledge and also does a self-analysis to see if it applies to you.

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