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Our Production agents Produced according to the instructions from the Queen of the Sea World.

A former occult member who married the Queen of the Coast revealed this. We need to take his testimony serious because he was once the President of Sorcerers in Africa.

He began by recommending that we use red sugar instead of white sugar, which contains formalin and has been linked to diabetes. He also advised us to avoid tomato puree because it is made with women's menstrual blood. He went on to say that the lady in one of the tomato boxes resembles a sea siren. According to him, this siren's sister is Guinness, a well-known British beer.

During his testimony, he vehemently argued that the Lord said we should not eat animal blood because it contains their soul. Because it is a sin to eat blood-tainted meat, God's children must refrain from eating blood-tainted animal kidneys. In the market, Satan's agents are selling something other than food. Learning the truth about what is sold in the markets is shocking.

He continued, "Don't go to a popular restaurant because there will almost certainly be manipulation, and Satanists will almost certainly drop something inside when women cook in public places." Finally, the devil increases the sugar content of children's lollipops, making them sick and eventually dying. Sugar causes diabetes in children, and these chemicals are toxic to humans and other living things.

The vast majority of the water sold on the street is made up of the deceased's bodily fluids. Despite the fact that there are waters in stores that have been tainted with human blood, many Christians fail to pray before using it. Understand that when you drink blood-laced water, the innocent victim's soul is demanding justice against the executioner, and that by drinking their blood, you have become his executioner and exposed yourself.”

"Remember that Satanists and water mermaids both have prayer lives, and they don't play," he continued. In order to weaken God's children, he recalls concentrating and meditating for four hours each day. He would meditate for eight hours on a regular basis in order to weaken God's children. We were serious when we prayed to the devil.

Finally, he mentioned that there is a plate in town. When you use the 555, you're being duped because it represents a demon who starts his work at midnight. That plate has a demon on it. Because there is no discernment today, people are easily manipulated. As a result, he will experience heaviness and weakness, and his prayer life will come to an end.”

If anyone inquires, I'll provide the plate's name and a photo in the comments section. To read more stories like this, please click the + Follow button above. Please also assist in spreading the word about this article. You may also ask me any questions, which I will gladly respond to.

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British Guinness


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