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How to make plantain and beans sauce.

Plantain and beans sauce also referred to as red red is a popular food in Ghana and loved by most people. It is mostly eaten during lunch or around dinner time. Some people prefer to add cooked rice to the red red. It is a healthy meal as it contains some important nutrients like protein, vitamin, fat and oil, carbohydrate etc. Hopefully this recipe helps and guide you in making your own red red at home.


Cowpea beans

Fresh tomatoes or tomato puree


Pepper 🌶 



Cooking oil

Ripped plantain 



1.Pour your preferred oil(vegetable, sun flower, soya bean, coconut, olive) into a heated saucepan and makes sure oil heats up.

2.Pour in the blended pepper, onions, garlic, ginger and stir occasionally for it to simme


3.Pout in the chopped fresh tomatoes or tomato puree and stir occasionally for seven minutes.

4.Add the boiled beans and stir occasionally utill it a bit mashy. Add salt and a stock cube for extra taste.

6.Peel the ripped plantain and chop them slanghtly. Soak them in salty water for some few minutes and heat oil in a saucepan. Deep fry the plantain until it's golden brown then take them out onto a tissue or a sieve to drain out the oil.VOILA, OUR RED RED IS READY TO BE SERVED .

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