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The challenge

Consumers have indeed opened their eyes for plant-based food and drinks. According to the latest consumer study commissioned by Novozymes, almost 50% of consumers expect to increase their consumption of plant-based dairy alternatives in 2021. Vegetable proteins hydrolyzed by means of acid (aHVP), particularly from soy, wheat gluten and corn, and yeast extracts are often used to enhance the umami taste of soups, sauces, meat analogues and snacks while enabling salt reduction.

Enzymatically hydrolyzed vegetable protein (eHVP) constitutes a label friendly alternative or supplement resonating well with consumer demands for natural and recognizable ingredients. 

Learn how to achieve cost-competitive, label-friendly umami in compliance with market demands for natural, low-salt and sustainable plant-based food. Learn how to produce eHVP with At the supermarket, when health-conscious consumers select savory products, they look for transparent labels with recognizable ingredients produced by natural methods. Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins (eHVP) are considered natural and can – unlike aHVP – be labelled as a natural flavor preparation in EU. eHVP is also a possible substitute or supplement to yeast extract in regions where flavors purely based on agricultural crops may be preferred.

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