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You Have Been Eating 'Fufuo' Wrongly All This While, Find Out The Best Way

Fufuo is a delicacy enjoyed by almost everyone in Ghana because it is satisfying and very tasty.

Most people enjoy it as an evening meal because of the fact that it is heavy. 

It is usually enjoyed with soup of all kinds and varieties depending on the time, weather and availability.

However as a country we've been eating fufuo the wrong way except for few people who understand the concept of eating.

We are supposed to eat a small portion of fufuo with a rather larger portion of soup but we do the opposite. 

Even some people do not drink the soup after eating the fufuo. All they do is simply eat the fufuo and pour the soup away. 

I mean how is that possible why would anyone do such a thing. 

How are you supposed to get the nutrients required for growth and development.

The best thing to do is to eat fufuo in smaller portions and rather drink a relatively larger portion of soup.

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