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Meals that makes us always remember our senior high school days.

Education at the senior high school (shs) level always left students with lots of memories. There were specified periods for specific activities such as meals and studies.

In the dinning hall, boarding students were served with various meals. How many of these meals did you enjoy?

1. Kenkey and fish

Kenkey ans fish is present in the boarding hall meals of several senior high schools. More often than not, the kenkey is as hard as a rock. The fish could make you lose your appetite.

The least said about the pepper, the better. We always craved for kenkey and fish that like this:

2. Rice and nkontomire

The rice was usually alright to eat. The challenge was with the cocoyam leaves (locally referred to as kontomire). There was something about it that made students miss their mother's cooking.

The rice and kontomire we wanted had to look like this:

3. Beans and Gari

Popularly referred to as 'Gobe', it was one of the favorite meals of students. The pieces of ripe plantain that came with it usually made students sad. There was usually an issue with its quantity or quality or both.

Beans and gari would have tasted alot better if it looked like this:

4.Rice and Groundsoup

Popularly called 'Gas', this meals was onw students detested with passion. Nothing could make them enjoy it. Till today, thus never been one students look forward to. Did you ever enjoy rice and groundnutsoup that looked Like this?

5. Waakye

The waakye was usually great, but that is where it all ended. Other additions such as the 'shito', 'gari' and 'macaroni' were present in 'questionable' quantities. In some institutions, students ate this meals without fish or meat. The waakye we dreamed of looked like this:

6. Tea

Then there was tea, usually with bread. In some institutions, eggs were provided in addition to the bread. The quality of the tea was an issue students could do little about. Didn't you yearn for tea and bread like this?

7. Porridge

Porridge provided at the shs level has similar characteristics as the tea. Our mother's could prepare better ones for us, and that was unquestionable. Good tasting porridge could have come in this form.

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