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Avoid Eating Watermelon If You Have Any Of These 3 Medical Conditions, It Only Makes The Worse.

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Today, I want to share with you one side of watermelon that no one has ever told you about. I’m talking about the potential side effects of eating too many melons. I n fact, the fruit is my favourite and believe it is yours too.

Watermelon as you already know is consist of about 80% of water, making it the best fruit to eat during hot days or summer times. Its nutritional profile is very much remarkable and the benefits are well documented.

Some of the benefits include improving heart health, preventing macular degeneration, lowering the risk of inflammation and oxidative stress and many more.

Despite its incredible benefits, the below people are advised to lower their intake of the fruit or check with their dietitian before consuming melons.

1. Impotence

According to Stylecraze, one of the potential side effects of eating too many watermelons is that too much of it can cause impotence or erectile problems for men.

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2. People with sorbitol intolerance

Sorbitol is a naturally occurring sweetener that is extracted from glucose. What this compound is bad for is that, consuming too much food containing it like watermelons can cause bloating, diarrhoea or loose stools. This occurs mostly in people who have sorbitol intolerance.

3. Allergic reactions or people with sensitive skin

As with most fruits, watermelon also comes with allergy symptoms especially for people with sensitive skin. Just like any other fruits, watch out for signs like rash, swelling, itching and others.

Hence, we advise people suffering from the above medical conditions to stay away or better still consult their doctors to be on the safe side.

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