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Health Benefits of Waakye Leaves

Sorghum leaves also known as Waakye leaves, is a tallgrass species that is primarily cultivated for its grain, but this article focuses on the benefits and preparation of its dried leaves, which are used as a colorant and for traditional medicinal purposes.

The Waakye leaves which are known for their distinctive red color and flavor are added to cooked rice and beans popularly native to Ghana as Waakye and complemented with spag(as Tallia), gari, shito, and any meat of your choice; this dish is consumed and loved by many. In the process of preparing the dish, the Sorghum leaves(Waakye leaves) are taken out before consumption. It can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, or supper, I mean any time of the day. The waakye is from the Hausa language and means beans.

With its delicious taste, many people are oblivious of its benefits. I recently got to know about the benefits of the leaves. My mom often complains of dizziness, so she decided to go for a check-up and the medical results showed that she's anemic. Upon being on haematinics (blood tonics) meds for some time but to no avail, one health professional advice her to boil waakye leaves and drink. Trust me we saw a massive change in her blood levels, then I decided to probe further into finding its benefits. Below are some health benefits of the Waakye leaves also known as Sorghum leaves.

Regulates Sugar Levels

The extract from the waakye leaves is very good at regulating the amount of sugar in the body. The Sorghum leaves contain nutrients such as tannin that helps in regulating the glucose and the insulin level in the body.

Bone Development

The waakye leaves extract is good for bone development, the Sorghum also contains some amount of magnesium which strengthens the bones as well as helps the body in maintaining its calcium level.

Improves Digestion

Waakye leaves are excellent to help improve digestive health. Both the leaves and grains are fortified with high fiber content to help with the digestion process.

Gluten Allergy

Research studies have shown that the leaf is used as a solution to Gluten Allergy ( Gluten Allergy is an immune reaction to gluten).

It also contains antioxidant content which helps in flushing out toxins from the body; this extract is very good for diabetes patients.

Also, the iron content in the Sorghum leaves helps in the formation of red blood cells and improves the circulation of blood in the body. These and other nutrients in the extract helps in preventing anemia.

It also prevents hypertension.

Now let's come to the steps in preparing.

1. You can purchase the waakye leaves in any shop or supermarket.

2. Wash the leaves 3 times and

3. Boil the leaves for about 30minutes.

4. If the leaves turn darkish brown it means it's ready.

5. You can consume it when cool or consume it daily for maximum results.

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Sorghum Waakye


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