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No groundnut? See the other foods you can add to your gari to make you seem smart.

Sokins is one of the favourite meals of many people expecially students. Secondary school students expecially like to eat this food a lot. I am not sure any SHS student will go to school without including gari in the provisions. It is a very fast way to quench hunger.

Irrespective of the side effects, people still take it on daily basis.

Normally we use to add milk and groundnut to the meal to make it very nutritious. Yes that is the best. However we also have some foods you can add to make your gari taste more sweeter.

One, is banana. Banana as a fruit is eaten Raul. But today I will want to let you know that u can also add it to your gari and sugar. Peel it off and put it in your gari and you will tank me latter. Remember to use little sugar since banana also has sugar so u don't over sugar your food.

You can also add coconut. Yes, I thinkist people know this already. Get your dry coconut and pill it off. Take the fruit and break it into pieces. Drop the pieces into your gari and you can even eat it without groundnut.

The third one I will like to add is tiger nut. Yes as man tiger nut is very good for your consumption. But here is another secret, anytime you cannot get groundnut use tiger nut instead for your gari and you will thank me latter.

The fourth one is bonus, that is pastries. Nobody have told you before but you can use bread, meat pie and biscuits to eat your gari. In fact never get yourself worried if groundnut is not available. You can still enjoy.

Enjoy your sokins.

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Raul Sokins


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