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Check out these simple methods to remove excess salt from foods

Salt is a vital component of cooking, but too much of it is very critical. Although several dishes taste good when there is too much salt, adding more than enough will destroy its taste. Wasting of food is not something most people are proud to do but when you add so much salt to food, you have no other option than to throw it away. In this article, I will teach you simple methods to remove excess salt from your food.

i. Water

The simplest way to remove excess salt from food is to neutralize the dish by adding water. Adding water would balance the dish and also reduce the sogginess.

ii. Dough

Whenever dishes like gravy become very soggy, you can add a little dough to them. This will absorb all the excess salt and will balance the dish for you.

iii. Make more

A perfect way to reduce the sogginess in dishes is to make more. This time around when preparing the same dish, you don’t need to add salt.

iv. Starch

Quinoa, Pasta, Rice, and some starchy foods contain a lot of salt. To remove excess salt from food, add the cooked (unsalted) copies to your pan and cook them into the recipe with a spray of liquid.

v. Sugar

Adding sugar to dishes containing excess salt is another way to reduce sogginess. However, this is a calculated step. If your dish is extremely salty, you should avoid this trick because you might end up with an odd sugary dish.

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