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How to prepare Apapransa

Apapransa is a local meal with its origin from the Ga Adangbe. 

Ingredients for APAPRANSA

1 bag of palmnuts

1 pound of meat (steamed)

3 round large crabs


1 onion

4 tomatoes

3 garden eggs

4 scotch bonnet pepper

1 tablespoon of ground ginger

Roasted corn flour

Red beans (boiled)


Wash palmnuts and fill a pan. 

Add water and some green neighborhood peas to it and bubble for about 60 minutes. Check if the layer of the palmnut sneaks off the nut when scoured with your fingers. (That implies it's prepared). 

Pound the palmnuts, add water and sifter by isolating the refuse and nuts from the fluid after you have added water. 

Put another pan ablaze and add your steamed meat with its stock. Likewise add the tomatoes, hacked onions, tin tomatoes, ginger and salt. 

Sifter the palmnut blend again into the pot ablaze and mix. 

Pass on it to cook for quite a while. 

Heat up your nursery eggs and pepper in another little pan. 

Mix the nursery eggs, pepper and tomatoes in a blender and sifter it into the soup ablaze. 

Allow it to bubble for some time and add your crabs and herrings. 

Permit it to bubble for some additional time and taste to check whether it's prepared

If it’s ready, remove from the fire and set aside.

 Put another saucepan on fire and pour some of your palmnut soup into it. Add some crabs and herrings.

 With a wooden spoon, stir in the roasted corn flour into the palm nut soup and stir consistently for some time.

 Leave it to cook for a while.

 When it’s ready, remove from the fire and set aside.

Dish some into a bowl or on a plate and add some of the boiled red beans to it..

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