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Top 5 Ghanaian Dishes You Can Not Do Without For A Day.

If we talks about Ghanaian dishes you cannot go about your daily activities without eating any of them is just like someone who is a "drinker" always drink one beer glass of locally made alcohol four(4) times a day and misses out on one thinking he or she has lost something big time.

Variety of locally cooked Ghanaian dishes that if you see how it's prepare, the ingredients used, how they are served and what it's been served with alone will crave for your appetite. Dishes like fufu, akple, ampesi, konkonte and banku.

Locally cooked Fufu

Fufu is prepared of boiled cassava mixed with plantains, been pounded together in a mortar and pestle and rounded into balls. Fufu often eaten or dipped into sauces such as light soup, palm nut soup, abunabun soup and groundnut soup.

Some photos for your taste...

Ampesi (Boiled Plantain)

Ampesi is one of the Ghanaian dishes prepared with coco yam, yam or popularly made of plantain. And served with kontomire stew (palaver sauce), or koobi stew. Ampesi can be taken at anytime of the day. Commonly among the akans of Ghana..


Akple is a popular dishe of Ewes in Ghana. The dishe is prepared from only corn flour unlike banku from corn dough mix with cassava dough. Akple is normally eaten or served with (aborbi tadi), okro soup.

Konkonte (Face The Wall)

Konkonte is made from dried cassava and prepare by putting water on fire when it's boiling you just add the cassava flour and stir properly until well cooked. Usually enjoy with groundnut soup.


Banku is another commonly Ghanaian dishe. Which is then prepare from fermented corn and cassava dough. You can enjoy eaten banku with groundnut soup, okro stew or soup, pepper and fish, and palm nut soup. Normally eaten in the afternoon or evening.

Here are some photos of banku that I put together that you will love to try.

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Fufu Ghanaian


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