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Some wonderful Ghanaian made dishes to try at home this festive. Fufu, banku, Akotonshi.

There six major ethnic groups in Ghana – the Akan, Ewe, Ga-Adangbe, Mole-Dagbani, Guan, Gurma. The largest tribe are the Ashanti, with their traditional capital at Kumasi.

The various tribes has distinct cultures that they celebrate. These cultures has several elements that defines the culture and also differentiate one tribe from the other, these elements include food, dress, dance, songs, etc.

 In this article I would like us to look at some Ghanaian dishes that defines our culture as an element.

The typical common foods found mostly in the southern part of Ghana include cassava and plantain. In the northern part however, the main staple(common) foods include millet and sorghum. Others such as Yam, maize and beans are commonly used across the country as basic foods. Sweet potatoes and cocoyam are also important in the Ghanaian diet and cuisine.

Here are some dishes that are prepared with Ghanaian original foodstuffs.

Red Red(Cooked beans)

Many visitors in Ghana would shy away at first sight of cooked beans. However, red red is one of the traditional Ghanaian food. It has managed to reignite the love of beans in many people not only in Ghana. Red red is cooked into an excellent bean curry and can include either fish or mix of prawns. The "Red Red" comes from the colour of the palm oil used to prepare the stew. 


Another traditional Ghana food, very affordable dish during the struggling time. Also, it can be a nice break from the usual Ghana food recipes. Shoko is a spicy, hearty and full of greens.

Akotonshi(crab dish)

Crab dishes are in many famous seafood restaurants in Ghana food menu. The Ghanaians twist has taken this crab dish known as Akotonshi into another new level. It is a combination of crab meat, eggs, and chillies in a tomato-based sauce.


If take is President then It’s accompanying Member of Parliament is from the beans family locally called aboboi. The two go hand in hand like lovers yet to come out of that giggly infatuation honeymoon period. The best way to describe Tatale to our English speaking readers is that it is similar to pancakes in its preparation but, produced basically with mushed over ripe plantain. 

Kakro (Yam Balls)

Some people cannot do without this carbohydrate fuelled energy that yam brings to the Ghanaian dining table. Whether boiled, fried or grilled yam is simply versatile in combination with other foods. Y3l3 kakro or yam balls is often prepared at home as a side dish. Ghana’s puna yam variety is normally the variety used which makes the end product mushy and soft on the palate.

Abobie (Anchovy pepper sauce)

Abobie is popular in found in the Volta region of Ghana. If you ever happen to eat out in that region or can bag a friend or two from there then by all means do ask them about Abobie.


Fufu with soup

 In Ghana, fufu is made by grinding a mixture of boiled cassava and green plantain, into sticky paste. Cocoyam and yam could also substitute cassava in the preparation. It is a popular formal dish in West African countries. Fufu is often enjoyed with different types of soup. Depending on the region the dish could be called fufu, foofoo or foufou.


Ampesi is a meal consisting of boiled cassava, yam, plantain, cocoyam, and potatoes. However, two or three combinations of these ingredients are also ampesi. Ampesi could be accompany with either fish stew, tomatoes or kontomire stew. It is such a healthy traditional Ghana food full of nutrients.

What is your favorite among these dishes?

NB: if you have a special name for any of these dishes, you can share with us.

Thanks for reading.

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